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tuple() -> empty tuple
tuple(iterable) -> tuple initialized from iterable's items

If the argument is a tuple, the return value is the same object.

src/e/n/enigma2-plugins-HEAD/audiosync/src/AC3main.py   enigma2-plugins(Download)
from AC3utils import AC3, PCM, AC3GLOB, PCMGLOB, AC3PCM, SKIN
from AC3delay import AC3delay
from enigma import ePoint
from HelpableNumberActionMap import HelpableNumberActionMap
from Components.Label import Label,MultiColorLabel
    def __onShow(self):
        for sAudio in AC3PCM:
            iDelay = self.AC3delay.getSystemDelay(sAudio)
            self.savedValue[sAudio] = iDelay
            self.currentValue[sAudio] = iDelay
    def keyCancel(self):
        for sAudio in AC3PCM:
            iSliderValue = self.currentValue[sAudio]
            if iSliderValue <> self.savedValue[sAudio]:
                self.AC3delay.whichAudio = sAudio

src/e/n/enigma2-plugins-HEAD/audiosync/src/AC3delay.py   enigma2-plugins(Download)
from AC3utils import AC3, PCM, AC3GLOB, PCMGLOB, AC3PCM
from Components.config import config
from enigma import eTimer
from Tools.ISO639 import LanguageCodes
from Tools.HardwareInfo import HardwareInfo
            self.audioTrackList = tlist
        for sAudio in AC3PCM:
        del oAudioTracks