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A dictionary of reactions where each key is a reaction
composed of (reactants, products) and each
value is the rate.

:py:class:`~AChemKit.reactionnet.ReactionNetwork` objects are immutable and hashable.

:py:class:`~AChemKit.reactionnet.ReactionNetwork` objects support :py:meth:`~AChemKit.reactionnet.ReactionNetwork.__eq__` and :py:meth:`~AChemKit.reactionnet.ReactionNetwork.__ne__`, but none of the other
rich comparison operators (__lt__, __le__, __gt__, __ge__).

Different subclassess could be implemented to generate reaction networks on
demand (artificial chemistries, etc) and provide additional functionallity,
such as visualization or metrics.

Can be cast to string to get a `.chem` representation.

src/a/c/AChemKit-0.3.0/AChemKit/tools/chem_pp.py   AChemKit(Download)
import optparse
from AChemKit.reactionnet import ReactionNetwork
if __name__=="__main__":