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A Bag is like a set, but can contain duplicates.

Also, a Bag is like a list, but is always ordered.

Note: objects must be both hashable and sortable. By default, 
python objects are sorted by id(), but this is not consistent.
As there is no easy way to test this, if you get wierd results
this may be the cause.

src/a/c/AChemKit-0.3.0/AChemKit/properties.py   AChemKit(Download)
import itertools
from AChemKit.utils.bag import FrozenBag
#some of these could be accelerated by moving the lambdas to dedicated functions?
    newreactants = FrozenBag(newreactants)
    newproducts = FrozenBag(newproducts)
    return newreactants, catalysts, newproducts