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src/a/m/amitools-HEAD/amitools/fs/ADFSDir.py   amitools(Download)
import struct
from block.Block import Block
from block.UserDirBlock import UserDirBlock
from block.DirCacheBlock import * 
from ADFSFile import ADFSFile
      # its a file
      elif blk.sub_type == Block.ST_FILE:
        node = ADFSFile(self.volume, self)
        blk = node.blocks_create_old(blk)
      # unsupported
  def create_file(self, name, data, meta_info=None, update_ts=True):
    if not isinstance(name, FSString):
      raise ValueError("create_file's name must be a FSString")
    node = ADFSFile(self.volume, self) 

src/a/m/amitools-HEAD/amitools/fs/Imager.py   amitools(Download)
from ADFSDir import ADFSDir
from ADFSFile import ADFSFile
from ADFSVolume import ADFSVolume
from MetaDB import MetaDB