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src/a/g/agpy-0.1.3/AG_fft_tools/psds.py   agpy(Download)
    pyplotOK = False
from correlate2d import correlate2d
from AG_image_tools.radialprofile import azimuthalAverageBins,radialAverageBins
def hanning2d(M, N):
    #freq = 1 + numpy.arange( numpy.floor( numpy.sqrt((image.shape[0]/2)**2+(image.shape[1]/2)**2) ) ) 
    azbins,(freq,zz) = azimuthalAverageBins(psd2,azbins=azbins,interpnan=True, binsize=binsize, **kwargs)
    if len(zz) == 1: zz=zz[0]
    # the "Frequency" is the spatial frequency f = 1/x for the standard numpy fft, which follows the convention
        return_vals = list(zz)
    if return_stddev:
        zzstd = azimuthalAverageBins(psd2,azbins=azbins,stddev=True,interpnan=True, binsize=binsize, **kwargs)