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src/a/i/AIGO-0.1.0/AIGO/Plot.py   AIGO(Download)
    def add(self, statistics, plotType):
        logger.info("Registering plot function %s" % statistics)
        if not rS.isRegistered(statistics):
            logger.handleWarning("Caution, the statistics is unknown : %s" % statistics)

src/a/i/AIGO-0.1.0/AIGO/utils/Execute.py   AIGO(Download)
def batchExecute(lFunc, effector, *args, **kargs):
    for func in lFunc:
        if hasattr(effector, func):
            if isinstance (effector, AnalyseFA) and not rS.isRegistered(func):
                print "Warning, call of an unregistered statistics : %s"  % func