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A directed graph with support for multi-edges and self-loops.

As in the undirected graph, every edge must have a unique decorator.  If None is provided, 
then an edge is given a unique number decorator.

Also as in the undirected graph, by default, nodes are indexed by their label field and 
edges are not indexed at all.

All directed graphs should extend this class in order to ensure that they implement
all methods expected of directed graphs.(more...)

src/a/i/AIGO-0.1.0/AIGO/go/GOGraph.py   AIGO(Download)
from xml.sax import make_parser
from AIGO.go.Graph import DiGraph
from AIGO.go.GOHandler  import GOHandler
class GOGraph(DiGraph):
    Each node in GOGraph is the GO:id term (int value).  Each edge connects the term,
    the relationship can be found by calling which(edge_num)