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src/a/n/anapsid-HEAD/ANAPSID/Planner/Plan.py   anapsid(Download)
from ANAPSID.AnapsidOperators.Xdistinct import Xdistinct
from ANAPSID.AnapsidOperators.Xlimit import Xlimit
from ANAPSID.AnapsidOperators.Xoffset import Xoffset
from ANAPSID.AnapsidOperators.Xorderby import Xorderby
from ANAPSID.AnapsidOperators.Xfilter import Xfilter
    # Adds the offset operator to the plan.
    if (query.offset != -1):
        operatorTree = TreePlan(Xoffset(None, query.offset), operatorTree.vars, operatorTree)
    # Adds the limit operator to the plan.