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File Parser Class for SAM File.

Each line of the output file contains at least: 
1. Sequence name 
2. Bitwise flag
3. Reference name
4. 1-based leftmost position of clipped alignment
5. Mapping quality
6. CIGAR string
7. Mate Reference Name(more...)

src/a/r/AREM-1.0.1/AREM/OptValidator.py   AREM(Download)
from subprocess import Popen, PIPE
from math import log
from AREM.IO.Parser import BEDParser, ELANDResultParser, ELANDMultiParser, ELANDExportParser, PairEndELANDMultiParser, SAMParser, BAMParser, BowtieParser,  guess_parser
# ------------------------------------
# constants