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This is a response stream to the client.

The key attributes of this class are:

    If True, the stream will automatically start sending data
    once it has accumulated `_bufferSize` data. This means that
    it will ask the response to commit itself, without developer
    interaction. By default, this is set to False.

src/w/e/Webware-for-Python-1.1.1/WebKit/ThreadedAppServer.py   Webware-for-Python(Download)
from PidFile import ProcessRunning
from AutoReloadingAppServer import AutoReloadingAppServer as AppServer
from ASStreamOut import ASStreamOut, ConnectionAbortedError
from HTTPExceptions import HTTPServiceUnavailable
class TASStreamOut(ASStreamOut):
    """Response stream for ThreadedAppServer.
    The `TASStreamOut` class streams to a given socket, so that when `flush`
    is called and the buffer is ready to be written, it sends the data from the

src/w/e/Webware-for-Python-1.1.1/WebKit/HTTPServer.py   Webware-for-Python(Download)
from ThreadedAppServer import Handler
from ASStreamOut import ASStreamOut
    def doTransaction(self, env, input):
        """Process transaction."""
        requestDict = dict(format='CGI', environ=env, input=input)
        streamOut = ASStreamOut()