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This is a response stream to the client.

The key attributes of this class are:

    If True, the stream will automatically start sending data
    once it has accumulated `_bufferSize` data. This means that
    it will ask the response to commit itself, without developer
    interaction. By default, this is set to False.
    The size of the data buffer. This is only used when autocommit
    is True. If not using autocommit, the whole response is
    buffered and sent in one shot when the servlet is done.
    Send the accumulated response data now. Will ask the `Response`
    to commit if it hasn't already done so.

src/w/e/Webware-for-Python-1.1.1/WebKit/ThreadedAppServer.py   Webware-for-Python(Download)
from PidFile import ProcessRunning
from AutoReloadingAppServer import AutoReloadingAppServer as AppServer
from ASStreamOut import ASStreamOut, ConnectionAbortedError
from HTTPExceptions import HTTPServiceUnavailable
class TASStreamOut(ASStreamOut):
    """Response stream for ThreadedAppServer.
    The `TASStreamOut` class streams to a given socket, so that when `flush`
    is called and the buffer is ready to be written, it sends the data from the

src/w/e/Webware-for-Python-1.1.1/WebKit/HTTPServer.py   Webware-for-Python(Download)
from ThreadedAppServer import Handler
from ASStreamOut import ASStreamOut
    def doTransaction(self, env, input):
        """Process transaction."""
        requestDict = dict(format='CGI', environ=env, input=input)
        streamOut = ASStreamOut()