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Module ASTUtils.py

Utility library for playing around with various kinds of abstract
syntax trees.

Jonathan Riehl


src/m/y/mython-HEAD/basil/lang/mython/myfront_transformer.py   mython(Download)
    import myfront_ast
    import _ast
    import ASTUtils
    import pprint
    # ____________________________________________________________
def main (*args):
    import os, tokenize, MyRealParser, pprint, ASTUtils, _ast
    if len(args) > 0:

src/m/y/mython-HEAD/basil/lang/mython/MyCodeGen.py   mython(Download)
import myfront_ast
from compiler import pyassem, misc, consts, symbols
import ASTUtils
# ______________________________________________________________________

src/m/y/mython-HEAD/basil/lang/mython/mybuiltins.py   mython(Download)
import pprint as _pprint
import ASTUtils as _ASTUtils
import MyRealParser as _myparser
import myfront_transformer as _myabs