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        def parse_setting(setting):
    options = []
    # Special indent option handling
    if "indent" in setting:
        indent_method = setting["indent"]
        spaces = setting.get("indent-spaces", 4)
        options = special_process_option_indent(options, "indent", indent_method, spaces)
    for option_name, function in g_setting_option_map.items():
        if not option_name in setting:
        value = setting[option_name]
        options = function(options, option_name, value)
    return options

src/s/u/SublimeAStyleFormatter-HEAD/AStyleFormat.py   SublimeAStyleFormatter(Download)
        # Merge syntax_setting with default_setting
        options = ' '.join(Options.parse_setting(default_setting))
        options_list.insert(1, options)
        return self._join_options(options_list)