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src/a/z/AZOrange-HEAD/azorange/AZutilities/dataUtilities.py   AZOrange(Download)
def getSMILESAttr(data):
    """Find the SMILES attribute in data"""
    smilesName = None
    for attr in [a.name for a in  data.domain] + [a.name for a in data.domain.getmetas().values()]:
        if attr.lower() in [a.lower() for a in AZOC.SMILESNAMES]:

src/a/z/AZOrange-HEAD/azorange/AZutilities/getCinfonyDesc.py   AZOrange(Download)
    if not smilesName:
        print "Warning: The data set does not contain any known smiles attribute!"
        print "         Expected SMILES attribute names: "+str(AZOC.SMILESNAMES)
        print "No Cinfony descriptors added!"
        return None

src/a/z/AZOrange-HEAD/azorange/AZutilities/descUtilities.py   AZOrange(Download)
        cinfonyTags = [tk["tag"] for tk in getCinfonyDesc.toolkitsDef.values()]
        for desc in descList:
            if desc in AZOC.SMILESNAMES:
            # Cinfony