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src/a/z/AZOrange-HEAD/azorange/AZutilities/SimBoostedQSAR.py   AZOrange(Download)
            for ex in data:
                ex["OrigSMI_ID"] = ex[SMILESattr]
            extraUtilities.StandardizeSMILES(data, smiAttr = SMILESattr, cName="OrigSMI_ID")
            # Process  Input actives
            activesDomain = orange.Domain([orange.StringVariable("OrigSMI_ID"), orange.StringVariable("SMILES")],0) 
            activesData = orange.ExampleTable(activesDomain)
            for act in InActives:
            extraUtilities.StandardizeSMILES(activesData, smiAttr = "SMILES", cName="OrigSMI_ID")

src/a/z/AZOrange-HEAD/azorange/AZutilities/getCinfonyDesc.py   AZOrange(Download)
         # The method is expected to change the attribute defined as smiAttr in data object
         #                                 +->Data     +-> SMILES attribuite name     +->Compound Name or attribute to act as an ID"
         extraUtilities.StandardizeSMILES(data,      smiAttr = smilesName,           cName="origSmiles") 
    results = []