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src/a/z/AZOrange-HEAD/azorange/AZutilities/AZOrangePredictor.py   AZOrange(Download)
            return (clabDesc,cmpdSignList[0],"","")
        # create a mol file
        molFile = miscUtilities.generateUniqueFile(desc="NN", ext = "mol")
        file= open(molFile,"w")
            CLabDesc = []
            # create a mol file
            tmpFile = miscUtilities.generateUniqueFile(desc="NN", ext = "mol")
            file= open(tmpFile,"w")

src/a/z/AZOrange-HEAD/azorange/AZutilities/dataUtilities.py   AZOrange(Download)
        if not smilesName: return None
        sdf_molsName = miscUtilities.generateUniqueFile(desc = "tempSDF", ext = "sdf")
        sdf_mols = open(sdf_molsName,"w+b")
        # write structures in sdf format to this file