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src/i/n/incantus-HEAD/src/engine/CardRoles.py   incantus(Download)
from Ability.Limit import sorcery_limit, no_limit
from Ability.CiPAbility import CiP, enter_tapped, attach_on_enter
from Ability.Cost import ManaCost
class CardRole(MtGObject):
        def modifyNewRole(self, new, zone):
            if str(zone) == "stack":
        override(self, "modifyNewRole", modifyNewRole)
        if not self._playable_other_restrictions():

src/i/n/incantus-HEAD/src/engine/Player.py   incantus(Download)
from Match import isCreature, isPermanent, isPlayer, isCard, isLandCard, isPlaneswalker, OpponentMatch
from stacked_function import replace, override, overridable, do_sum
from Ability.Cost import ManaCost
def check_concede(player, self):
    def you_may_pay(self, source, cost):
        if isinstance(cost, str): cost = ManaCost(cost)
        intent = self.getIntention(prompt="You may pay %s"%cost, msg="Would you like to pay %s"%cost)
        if intent and cost.precompute(source, self) and cost.compute(source, self):
            cost.pay(source, self)