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Suggested superclass for all plugins

It defines simple constructor and progress method
that takes care of informing callback about upload status.

Do note that upload method have to be overriden.
It is included in this class only as a information
for programmers about parameters and expected functionality
of methods that overrides it.

src/s/e/seng310-HEAD/PyShare0.6.2/plugins/Rapidshare_com.py   seng310(Download)
from threading import Thread
from AbstractPlugin import AbstractPlugin
import socket
import re
class Rapidshare_com(AbstractPlugin):
    NAME = "Rapidshare"

src/s/e/seng310-HEAD/PyShare0.6.2/plugins/AbstractPycurlPlugin.py   seng310(Download)
__date__ ="$2011-01-22 18:43:31$"
from AbstractPlugin import AbstractPlugin
import pycurl
from StringIO import StringIO
class AbstractPycurlPlugin(AbstractPlugin):
    """Suggested superclass for plugins using pycurl for uploading
    This class takes care of common operation, that
    are needed to upload files by pycurl.