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src/b/t/BTCTrader-HEAD/Market.py   BTCTrader(Download)
from Engine import Engine
from Clock import Clock
from Account import Account
# store every informations available on a market
        self.clock = Clock()
        self.first = 1
        self.account = Account()
    def CreateRequester(self, authId, authPass):

src/b/t/BTCTrader-HEAD/MtGoxRequester.py   BTCTrader(Download)
from Requester import Requester
from Account import Account
from Depth import Depth
    def GetAccount(self):
        # get account infos
        res = self.Perform("/generic/private/info", {}, 1)
        result = res["return"]
        a = Account()

src/b/t/BTCTrader-HEAD/BitcoinCentralRequester.py   BTCTrader(Download)
import urllib.parse
from Account import Account
from Requester import Requester
        #now I only get the current balance
        res = self.Perform("account_operations", {}, 1)
        account = Account()
        account.tradeFee = 0.498
        for i in res:

src/e/m/emesene-HEAD/mesinyer/e3/base/__init__.py   emesene(Download)
from Contact import Contact
from Session import Session
from Account import Account
from Transfer import FileTransfer

src/t/a/TaobaoOpenPythonSDK-HEAD/TaobaoSdk/Domain/__init__.py   TaobaoOpenPythonSDK(Download)
from LoginUser import LoginUser
from WidgetItem import WidgetItem
from Account import Account
from INRecordBase import INRecordBase
from TmcMessage import TmcMessage