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src/p/r/Products.CMFBibliographyAT-   Products.CMFBibliographyAT(Download)
            if self.getEnableDuplicatesManager() \
               and (not skip_matching or force_to_duplicates):
                test, matched_obj = self.isDuplicate(obj, span_of_search)
                if test or force_to_duplicates:
                    # in any case, we want the duplicate obj to be aware of
                    # local AND global matches
                    if span_of_search != 'global':
                        dummy, matched_obj = self.isDuplicate(obj, 'global')
                new_bibref_item_id = ofs_item['new_id']
                new_bibref_item = self[new_bibref_item_id]
                test, matched_objects = self.isDuplicate(new_bibref_item)
                if test:
                    dummy, matched_objects = self.isDuplicate(new_bibref_item,