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src/p/l/plonehrm.notifications-1.2/plonehrm/notifications/emailer.py   plonehrm.notifications(Download)
        self.context.REQUEST['HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE'] = self.language
        if isinstance(self.options, dict):
            message = self.template(**self.options)
            #if self.options != ():
            #    # Apparently an empty dict is no instance of a dict... :(
            #    logger.warn("Not passing options to template as it "
            #             "is not a dict: %r" % self.options)
            message = self.template()

src/i/n/infrae.plone.relations.form-1.0/infrae/plone/relations/form/_add.py   infrae.plone.relations.form(Download)
    def __call__(self):
        """Render the widget.
        return self.template()