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Test whether an interface is implemented by the specification

src/f/i/five.intid-1.0.3/five/intid/utils.py   five.intid(Download)
def aq_iter(obj, error=None):
    if not (IAcquirer.providedBy(obj) or hasattr(obj, '__parent__')):
        raise TypeError("%s not acquisition wrapped" %obj)
    # adapted from alecm's 'listen'

src/f/i/five.intid-1.0.3/five/intid/keyreference.py   five.intid(Download)
def connectionOfPersistent(obj):
    """ zope2 cxn fetcher for wrapped items """
    if not (IAcquirer.providedBy(obj) or hasattr(obj, '__parent__')):
        return getattr(obj, '_p_jar', None)

src/p/l/plone.z3cform-0.8.0/plone/z3cform/templates.py   plone.z3cform(Download)
    def __call__(self, form, request):
        template = self.template
        if IAcquirer.providedBy(template):
            return ImplicitAcquisitionWrapper(template, form)