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Action Queue for the agent. We pick one command at a time from the queue
and execute it

src/s/l/slider-HEAD/slider-agent/src/main/python/agent/Controller.py   slider(Download)
from Heartbeat import Heartbeat
from Register import Register
from ActionQueue import ActionQueue
from NetUtil import NetUtil
import ssl
  def run(self):
    self.actionQueue = ActionQueue(self.config, controller=self)
    self.register = Register(self.config)
    self.heartbeat = Heartbeat(self.actionQueue, self.config)

src/s/l/slider-HEAD/slider-agent/src/main/python/agent/Heartbeat.py   slider(Download)
from pprint import pformat
from ActionQueue import ActionQueue
import AgentConfig
def main(argv=None):
  actionQueue = ActionQueue(AgentConfig.getConfig())
  heartbeat = Heartbeat(actionQueue)
  print json.dumps(heartbeat.build('3', 3))

src/s/l/slider-HEAD/slider-agent/src/main/python/agent/CommandStatusDict.py   slider(Download)
    from ActionQueue import ActionQueue
    with self.lock: # Synchronized
      resultReports = []
    and populates other fields of report.
    from ActionQueue import ActionQueue
      tmpout = open(report['tmpout'], 'r').read()

src/s/l/slider-HEAD/slider-agent/src/main/python/agent/CustomServiceOrchestrator.py   slider(Download)
    # Now, dump the json file
    command_type = command['commandType']
    from ActionQueue import ActionQueue  # To avoid cyclic dependency
    if command_type == ActionQueue.STATUS_COMMAND: