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src/i/n/incantus-HEAD/src/engine/Ability/LandAbility.py   incantus(Download)
from engine.symbols import Forest, Island, Plains, Mountain, Swamp
from ActivatedAbility import ManaAbility
from Target import NoTarget
from Cost import TapCost
    return ManaAbility(effects, txt="{T}: Add {%s} to your mana pool"%color)

src/i/n/incantus-HEAD/src/engine/Ability/Decorators.py   incantus(Download)
from ActivatedAbility import ActivatedAbility, ManaAbility
from TriggeredAbility import TriggeredAbility
from StaticAbility import *
from CastingAbility import CastInstantSpell, CastSorcerySpell
from Target import NoTarget, Target
    def make_ability(ability):
        effects = ability()
        return ManaAbility(effects, limit, zone, txt)
    return make_ability