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Input from a GPIO channel.  Returns HIGH=1=True or LOW=0=False
gpio - gpio channel

src/m/a/matrix_keypad-1.2.2/matrix_keypad/BBb_GPIO.py   matrix_keypad(Download)
        rowVal = -1
        for i in range(len(self.ROW)):
            tmpRead = GPIO.input(self.ROW[i])
            if tmpRead == 0:
                rowVal = i
        colVal = -1
        for j in range(len(self.COLUMN)):
            tmpRead = GPIO.input(self.COLUMN[j])
            if tmpRead == 1:

src/p/y/pynrf24-HEAD/nrf24.py   pynrf24(Download)
        # TODO: A race condition may occur here.
        if GPIO.input(self.irq_pin) == 0: # Pin is already down. Packet is waiting?
            return True

src/a/d/Adafruit_BBIO-0.0.19/test/test_gpio_input.py   Adafruit_BBIO(Download)
    def test_input(self):
        GPIO.setup("P8_10", GPIO.IN)
        #returned as an int type
        input_value = GPIO.input("P8_10")
        #value read from the file will have a \n new line