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src/w/e/Webware-for-Python-1.1.1/WebKit/Admin/AdminSecurity.py   Webware-for-Python(Download)
from AdminPage import AdminPage
# Set this to False if you want to allow everyone to access secure pages
# with no login required. This should instead come from a config file.
requireLogin = True
if not requireLogin:
    class AdminSecurity(AdminPage):
    class AdminSecurity(AdminPage):
        def writeHTML(self):
            session = self.session()
            request = self.request()

src/w/e/Webware-for-Python-1.1.1/WebKit/Admin/LoginPage.py   Webware-for-Python(Download)
from random import randint
from time import time, localtime
from AdminPage import AdminPage
class LoginPage(AdminPage):

src/w/e/Webware-for-Python-1.1.1/CGIWrapper/_showConfig.py   Webware-for-Python(Download)
from CGIWrapper import htDictionary
from AdminPage import AdminPage
class _showConfig(AdminPage):

src/w/e/Webware-for-Python-1.1.1/CGIWrapper/_admin.py   Webware-for-Python(Download)
from WebUtils.Funcs import urlEncode
from AdminPage import AdminPage
class Page(AdminPage):

src/w/e/Webware-for-Python-1.1.1/CGIWrapper/_dumpCSV.py   Webware-for-Python(Download)
from WebUtils.Funcs import htmlEncode
from AdminPage import AdminPage
class _dumpCSV(AdminPage):
    """CGIWrapper class that dumps a CSV file."""
    def __init__(self, dict):
        AdminPage.__init__(self, dict)