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src/s/l/slider-HEAD/slider-agent/src/main/python/agent/CustomServiceOrchestrator.py   slider(Download)
import sys
from AgentConfig import AgentConfig
from AgentException import AgentException
from PythonExecutor import PythonExecutor
import hostname
      # We don't support anything else yet
        message = "Unknown script type {0}".format(script_type)
        raise AgentException(message)
        # Execute command using proper interpreter
      json_path = self.dump_command_to_json(command, store_config)
      if not ret: # Something went wrong
        raise AgentException("No script has been executed")
    except Exception: # We do not want to let agent fail completely
    if not os.path.exists(path):
      message = "Script {0} does not exist".format(path)
      raise AgentException(message)
    return path

src/s/l/slider-HEAD/slider-agent/src/test/python/agent/TestCustomServiceOrchestrator.py   slider(Download)
import StringIO
import sys
from AgentException import AgentException