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src/g/e/ges-python-HEAD/Ai/bot_deathmatch.py   ges-python(Download)
        # Ammo Checks
        currWeap = self.GetActiveWeapon()
        assert isinstance( currWeap, GEWeapon.CGEWeapon )
        if currWeap and not currWeap.IsMeleeWeapon() and currWeap.GetWeaponId() != Glb.WEAPON_MOONRAKER:
        elif cmd == "dump_weapon":
            weap = self.GetActiveWeapon()
            assert isinstance( weap, GEWeapon.CGEWeapon )
            if weap is not None:
    def bot_WeaponParamCallback( self ):
        curr_weap = self.GetActiveWeapon()
        if curr_weap and curr_weap.IsExplosiveWeapon() and self.HasCondition( Cond.TOO_CLOSE_TO_ATTACK ):
            return { "explosive_bonus" :-5, }