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src/g/e/ges-python-HEAD/Ai/bot_deathmatch.py   ges-python(Download)
        # Register our custom memory callback
        self.GetSystem( AiSystems.MEMORY )._callback = self.bot_MemoryCallback
        self.GetSystem( AiSystems.WEAPONS ).param_callback = self.bot_WeaponParamCallback
        self.ClearCondition( Cond.GES_CAN_SEEK_ARMOR )
        memory = self.GetSystem( AiSystems.MEMORY )
        if self.GetEnemy() is not None:
    def OnDebugCommand( self, cmd ):
        memory = self.GetSystem( AiSystems.MEMORY )
        weapons = self.GetSystem( AiSystems.WEAPONS )
        if cmd == "dump_memory" and memory: