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src/a/l/alfred.py-HEAD/example.py   alfred.py(Download)
# Add items with add_item
handler.add_item(Alfred.Item(title="Example entry #1", subtitle="best entry!", icon="cake.png", uid=1, arg="#1"))
handler.add_item(Alfred.Item(title="Entry #2", subtitle="Cake!", uid=815, arg="#2"))

src/a/l/alfred-haxelib-HEAD/haxelib_install.py   alfred-haxelib(Download)
	for result in haxelib_result:
		# TODO: add description to subtitle
		item = Alfred.Item(title=result, subtitle="Install %s" % result, uid=result, arg=result)
	if lib_name in haxelib_result:
		item = Alfred.Item(title=lib_name, subtitle="Install %s version %s" % (lib_name, lib_version), uid=lib_name, arg="%s %s" % (lib_name, lib_version))

src/a/l/alfred-haxelib-HEAD/haxelib_info.py   alfred-haxelib(Download)
for result in haxelib_result:
	item = Alfred.Item(title=result, uid=result, arg=result)