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This class actually creates an sql database
and tries to create all the tables and triggers
you have defined. That way you can verify that
your schema actually works (in theory) without
building your android project.

src/a/n/AndroidCodeGenerator-HEAD/sample_test.py   AndroidCodeGenerator(Download)
from AndroidCodeGenerator.database_triggers import DatabaseTriggers
from AndroidCodeGenerator.sql_validator import SQLTester
persons = Table('Person').add_cols(Column('firstname').text.not_null.default("''"),\
# Let's try to create the SQL
st = SQLTester()
st.add_tables(persons, log)

src/a/n/AndroidGCMTutorial-HEAD/linksdb.py   AndroidGCMTutorial(Download)
from AndroidCodeGenerator.db_table import (Table, Column, ForeignKey,
                                           Unique, Trigger)
from AndroidCodeGenerator.sql_validator import SQLTester
links = Table('Link').add_cols(Column('sha').text.not_null,
s = SQLTester()
#s.add_triggers(deltrigger, intrigger)