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src/e/d/editxt-HEAD/editxt/controls/dualview.py   editxt(Download)
    def tile(self, ignored=None):
        """Tile subviews within the bounds of this view"""
        rect = self.bounds()
        top_height = self.top_height()
        bottom_height = self.bottom_height()

src/e/n/enso-portable-HEAD/enso/enso/platform/osx/graphics.py   enso-portable(Download)
        # Taken from the OS X Cocoa Drawing Guide section on
        # "Creating a Flip Transform".
        frameRect = self.bounds()
        xform = AppKit.NSAffineTransform.transform()
        sendMsg( xform,

src/v/a/vanilla-HEAD/Lib/vanilla/test/testGeometry.py   vanilla(Download)
    def drawRect_(self, rect):
        NSColor.colorWithCalibratedWhite_alpha_(0.5, 0.5).set()
        p = NSBezierPath.bezierPathWithRect_(self.bounds())