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        def aq_base(ob, hasattr=hasattr):
    # Return the aq_base of an object.
    if hasattr(ob, 'aq_base'):
        return ob.aq_base
    return ob

src/p/y/PyDAV-0.21/WebDAV/common.py   PyDAV(Download)
import string, time, urllib, re
from App_Common import iso8601_date, rfc850_date, rfc1123_date
from App_Common import aq_base
def absattr(attr):
    if not hasattr(ob, 'aq_parent'):
        return 0
    if hasattr(aq_base(ob.aq_parent), absattr(ob.id)):
        return 0
    if hasattr(aq_base(ob), 'isTopLevelPrincipiaApplicationObject') and \