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src/m/e/merlin-HEAD/Arthur/errors.py   merlin(Download)
from Core.string import arthurlog
from Core.db import session
from Arthur.context import render
class db(object):
def page_not_found(request):
    return HttpResponseNotFound(render("error.tpl", request, msg="Page not found"))
def server_error(request):
    # raise ## Uncomment this when shit breaks and you're not getting an error message
    return HttpResponseServerError(render("error.tpl", request, msg="Server error, please report the error to an admin as soon as possible"))

src/m/e/merlin-HEAD/Arthur/views/members/members.py   merlin(Download)
from Core.db import session
from Core.maps import Updates, Planet, User, PhoneFriend, Channel
from Arthur.context import menu, render
from Arthur.loadable import loadable, load
bot = Config.get("Connection","nick")
            members.append((level[0], Q.all(),))
        return render("members.tpl", request, accesslist=members)
@menu(bot, "Galmates")
            Q = Q.order_by(o)
        return render("galmates.tpl", request, members=Q.all())
@menu(bot, "Channels")
            channels.append((level[0], Q.all(),))
        return render("channels.tpl", request, accesslist=channels)

src/m/e/merlin-HEAD/Arthur/loadable.py   merlin(Download)
from Core.maps import Planet, Alliance, User, Arthur, Intel, PageView
from Core.loadable import _base, require_user, require_planet
from Arthur.context import render
    def login_page(self, request, msg):
        response = render("login.tpl", request, msg=msg)
        return response

src/m/e/merlin-HEAD/Arthur/views/attack/book.py   merlin(Download)
from Core.db import session
from Core.maps import Updates, Planet, Target, Attack
from Arthur.context import render
from Arthur.loadable import loadable, load, require_user

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