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Turns ISO-Latin-1 into a plain ASCII approximation, dammit.

        def asciiDammit(t, fixWindowsOnly=0):
    "Turns ISO-Latin-1 into a plain ASCII approximation, dammit."
    return _dammit(t, 0, fixWindowsOnly)

src/c/s/csvdedupe-HEAD/csvdedupe/csvhelpers.py   csvdedupe(Download)
    be ignored.
    column = AsciiDammit.asciiDammit(column)
    column = re.sub('  +', ' ', column)
    column = re.sub('\n', ' ', column)

src/d/e/dedupe-   dedupe(Download)
from core import randomPairs
from convenience import consoleLabel, trainingDataDedupe, trainingDataLink
from AsciiDammit import asciiDammit
import backport