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src/p/y/py-Asterisk-0.5.3/Asterisk/Manager.py   py-Asterisk(Download)
class BaseChannel(Asterisk.Logging.InstanceLogger):
    Represents a living Asterisk channel, with shortcut methods for operating
    on it. The object acts as a mapping, ie. you may get and set items of it.
    This translates to Getvar and Setvar actions on the channel.
class BaseManager(Asterisk.Logging.InstanceLogger):
    'Base protocol implementation for the Asterisk Manager API.'
    _AST_BANNERS = [
        'Asterisk Call Manager/1.0\r\n',

src/p/y/py-Asterisk-0.5.3/Asterisk/Util.py   py-Asterisk(Download)
class EventCollection(Logging.InstanceLogger):
    Utility class to allow grouping and automatic registration of event.