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Asterisk Manager API protocol implementation, core event handler
placeholders, and core actions.

src/p/y/py-Asterisk-0.5.3/Asterisk/CLI.py   py-Asterisk(Download)
        return usage(argv[0], sys.stdout)
    manager = Manager.Manager(*Config.Config().get_connection())
    if command == 'actions':

src/a/s/AsteriskChannelHangup-0.0.2/AsteriskSoftHangupOldChannels.py   AsteriskChannelHangup(Download)
@author: Sebastian Rojo
from Asterisk.Manager import Manager
from AsteriskChannelHangup.Config import Config
def ColgarCanalesPegados(_tiempo_max_de_llamada=3600):
    ''' Esta Funcion cuelga los canales colagados en un servidor asterisk'''
    datos_de_configuracion = Config().get_connection()
    pbx = Manager(*datos_de_configuracion)
    print "se conctara conel servidor asterisk" , datos_de_configuracion[0]