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An authenticated dictionary, based on a Merkle Trie, and stored on disk.

Nodes are identified by pointers (really strings).

The whole thing is backed by an SQLite database, but has additional
transaction support. You can make a shallow copy of an
AuthenticatedDictionary, and insert, find, and delete on it without
affecting the original or other shallow copies. Copying a shallow copy with
n changes made is O(N). When you want to save your changes to disk, run
commit(). After one shallow copy (or the updated original) has been(more...)

src/p/y/pybc-0.6.8/pybc/coin.py   pybc(Download)
import pybc
import transactions, util, sqliteshelf
from AuthenticatedDictionary import AuthenticatedDictionary
from AuthenticatedDictionary import AuthenticatedDictionaryStateComponent
from State import State
            # We need to make a new AuthenticatedDictionary pointing to the
            # appropriate database and table.
            self.unused_outputs = AuthenticatedDictionary(filename=filename,