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src/p/y/Pymol-script-repo-HEAD/modules/ADT/AutoDockTools/Utilities24/write_conformations_from_dlg.py   Pymol-script-repo(Download)
        outfile= output_stem + '_' + str(ix+1) + ext
        conf = d.ch.conformations[ix]
        if verbose: print "wrote ", outfile

src/p/y/Pymol-script-repo-HEAD/modules/ADT/AutoDockTools/Utilities24/write_vs_hits.py   Pymol-script-repo(Download)
        crds = d.ligMol.allAtoms.coords[:]
        #use the parser to get newlines to output
        lines_to_print = d.ligMol.parser.write_with_new_coords(crds)
        #edit these lines, adding new line + changing the RES field to current count
        for nl in lines_to_print: