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src/p/y/Pymol-script-repo-HEAD/modules/ADT/AutoDockTools/Docking.py   Pymol-script-repo(Download)
                                le = j.point[0]
                                le_index = i
                        ligand.clustNB.draw.itemconfig((le_index,), fill='red')
                    max_height = -1
                    max_index = None
                                max_height = j.height
                                max_index = i
                        ligand.clustNB.draw.itemconfig((max_index,), fill='red')
                    if other:
                        for i,j in ligand.clustNB.geoms.items():
                            if j.point[0]==other_energy:
                                other_index = i
                        ligand.clustNB.draw.itemconfig((other_index,), fill='red')

src/p/y/Pymol-script-repo-HEAD/modules/ADT/AutoDockTools/autoanalyzeCommands.py   Pymol-script-repo(Download)
                        max_height = j.height
                        lc_index = i
                ligand.clustNB.draw.itemconfig((le_index,), fill='red')
                #always color le_index red to start...
                #remember lc_index to support showing LC