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        def graph_product(G_file):
    #TODO: take in a graph (eg when called from graphml) rather than re-reading the graph again
    LOG.info("Applying graph product to %s" % G_file)
    H_graphs = {}
        G = nx.read_graphml(G_file).to_undirected()
    except IOError:
        G = nx.read_gml(G_file).to_undirected()
    G = remove_yed_edge_id(G)
    G = remove_gml_node_id(G)
#Note: copy=True causes problems if relabelling with same node name -> loses node data
    G = nx.relabel_nodes(G, dict((n, data.get('label', n)) for n, data in G.nodes(data=True)))
    G_path = os.path.split(G_file)[0]
    H_labels  = defaultdict(list)
    for n, data in G.nodes(data=True):

    for label in H_labels.keys():
            H_file = os.path.join(G_path, "%s.graphml" % label)
            H = nx.read_graphml(H_file).to_undirected()
        except IOError:
                H_file = os.path.join(G_path, "%s.gml" % label)
                H = nx.read_gml(H_file).to_undirected()
            except IOError:
                LOG.warn("Unable to read H_graph %s, used on nodes %s" % (H_file, ", ".join(H_labels[label])))
        root_nodes = [n for n in H if H.node[n].get("root")]
        if len(root_nodes):
# some nodes have root set
            non_root_nodes = set(H.nodes()) - set(root_nodes)
            H.add_nodes_from( (n, dict(root=False)) for n in non_root_nodes)
        H = remove_yed_edge_id(H)
        H = remove_gml_node_id(H)
        nx.relabel_nodes(H, dict((n, data.get('label', n)) for n, data in H.nodes(data=True)), copy=False)
        H_graphs[label] = H

    G_out = nx.Graph()
    G_out.add_nodes_from(node_list(G, H_graphs))
    G_out.add_nodes_from(propagate_node_attributes(G, H_graphs, G_out.nodes()))
    G_out.add_edges_from(intra_pop_links(G, H_graphs))
    G_out.add_edges_from(inter_pop_links(G, H_graphs))
    G_out.add_edges_from(propagate_edge_attributes(G, H_graphs, G_out.edges()))
#TODO: need to set default ASN, etc?
    return G_out

src/a/n/ank_le-HEAD/AutoNetkit/readwrite/graphml.py   ank_le(Download)
#all nodes have H set, apply graph products
        LOG.info("All nodes in graph %s have H attribute set, applying graph product" % net_name)
        input_graph = ank.graph_product(net_file)
        if not input_graph:
            LOG.warn("Unable to load graph %s" % net_file)