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src/k/a/kamaelia-HEAD/Sketches/PT/likefile/usecases/simpletorrentclient.py   kamaelia(Download)
# A demonstration of using likefile to control a torrent downloader.
import Axon.likefile, time, sys
from Kamaelia.Protocol.Torrent.TorrentPatron import TorrentPatron
from Kamaelia.Protocol.Torrent.TorrentClient import BasicTorrentExplainer

src/k/a/kamaelia-HEAD/Sketches/PT/likefile/usecases/simpletcpclient.py   kamaelia(Download)
port = 6667
import Axon.likefile, time
from Kamaelia.Util.Console import ConsoleEchoer
from Kamaelia.Internet.TCPClient import TCPClient

src/k/a/kamaelia-HEAD/Sketches/PT/likefile/usecases/simplemp3encoder.py   kamaelia(Download)
# An example of using likefile to pass audo data for on the fly compression.
import Axon.likefile, time
from Kamaelia.Audio.Codec.PyMedia.Encoder import Encoder
from Kamaelia.Internet.TCPClient import TCPClient