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src/b/c/bcbb-HEAD/gff/Scripts/gff/gff2_to_gff3.py   bcbb(Download)
import os
from BCBio.GFF import GFFParser, GFF3Writer
def main(in_file):
    out_handle = open(out_file, "w")
    reader = GFFParser()
    writer = GFF3Writer()
    writer.write(reader.parse_in_parts(in_handle, target_lines=25000),

src/m/g/mgtaxa-HEAD/MGT/Proj/CrisprMooreApp.py   mgtaxa(Download)
    def plotCrisprOneBioGff(self,seqRec,outGraphFileRoot):
        """Generate GFF files of CRISPR genes and arrays from one SeqRecord from a pre-processed Genbank file, using Bio sandbox module"""
        from BCBio.GFF import GFF3Writer
        out = open(outGraphFileRoot+".gff3","w")
        writer = GFF3Writer()