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src/b/c/bcbb-HEAD/gff/Scripts/gff/access_gff_index.py   bcbb(Download)
        print feature
    exam = GFF.GFFExaminer()
    #print exam.available_limits(gff_file)
    #print exam.parent_child_map(gff_file)

src/b/c/bcbb-HEAD/gff/Tests/test_GFFSeqIOFeatureAdder.py   bcbb(Download)
from Bio.SeqRecord import SeqRecord
from Bio.SeqFeature import SeqFeature, FeatureLocation
from BCBio.GFF import (GFFExaminer, GFFParser, DiscoGFFParser)
class MapReduceGFFTest(unittest.TestCase):
    def t_possible_limits(self):
        """Calculate possible queries to limit a GFF file.
        gff_examiner = GFFExaminer()
        possible_limits = gff_examiner.available_limits(self._test_gff_file)
    def t_parent_child(self):
        """Summarize parent-child relationships in a GFF file.
        gff_examiner = GFFExaminer()
        pc_map = gff_examiner.parent_child_map(self._test_gff_file)
    def t_examiner_with_fasta(self):
        """Perform high level examination of files with FASTA directives.
        examiner = GFFExaminer()
        pc_map = examiner.parent_child_map(self._gff_file)