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        def initialize(options):
	ports = find_udev(check, 'BitFORCE*SHA256') or find_serial_by_id(check, 'BitFORCE_SHA256') or find_com_ports(check)

	if not options.device and ports:
		print '\nBFL devices on ports:\n'
		for i in xrange(len(ports)):
			print '[%d]\t%s' % (i, ports[i])

	miners = [
		BFLMiner(i, ports[i], options)
		for i in xrange(len(ports))
		if (
			(not options.device) or
			(i in options.device)

	for i in xrange(len(miners)):
		miners[i].cutoff_temp = options.cutoff_temp[min(i, len(options.cutoff_temp) - 1)]
		miners[i].cutoff_interval = options.cutoff_interval[min(i, len(options.cutoff_interval) - 1)]
	return miners

src/p/o/poclbm-HEAD/poclbm.py   poclbm(Download)
	if not options.no_bfl:
		import BFLMiner
		for miner in BFLMiner.initialize(options):