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Offset  Size    Contents
0       2       Format index used in other records
2       var.    Number format string (Unicode string, 16-bit string length)

From  BIFF5  on,  the built-in number formats will be omitted. The built-in
formats  are  dependent  on  the current regional settings of the operating
system.  The following table shows which number formats are used by default
in  a  US-English  environment.  All indexes from 0 to 163 are reserved for
built-in formats. The first user-defined format starts at 164.(more...)

src/x/l/xlwt-0.7.5/xlwt/Style.py   xlwt(Download)
# -*- coding: windows-1252 -*-
import Formatting
from BIFFRecords import NumberFormatRecord, XFRecord, StyleRecord

src/x/l/xlwt-future-0.8.0/xlwt/Style.py   xlwt-future(Download)
from . import Formatting
from .BIFFRecords import NumberFormatRecord, XFRecord, StyleRecord
from future.builtins import *