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src/p/r/Products.BastionLedger-4.6.0/Products/BastionLedger/BLTransactionTemplate.py   Products.BastionLedger(Download)
                    accounts = [ None ]
        LOG.debug('%s, accounts=%s, args=%s, kw=%s' % (self.getId(), str(accounts), args, kw))
        if type(accounts) != type([]):
        #raise AssertionError, (container, context, ledger, self, accounts)
        LOG.debug( "%s %s %s %s, %s, %s)" %  (container.getId(), ledger.getId(), self.getId(), accounts, args, kw))
        # we want to put the txn in the 'ledger', but the entry in the 'account' ie the context ...
        transaction = ledger.createTransaction(title='Auto - %s' % self.getId(),