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src/p/r/Products.BastionLedger-4.6.0/Products/BastionLedger/BLQuoteManager.py   Products.BastionLedger(Download)
from catalog import makeBLQuoteManagerCatalog, removeBLQuoteManagerCatalog
from Permissions import OperateBastionLedgers, OverseeBastionLedgers, ManageBastionLedgers
from BLOrderBook import BLOrderBook, BLOrder, manage_addBLOrderAccount, manage_addBLOrder
from BLAttachmentSupport import BLAttachmentSupport
from BLTaxCodeSupport import BLTaxCodeSupport
class BLQuote(BLOrder):
    A job quote, containing additional costing info, and promotable
    to an account/order