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src/p/r/Products.BastionLedger-4.6.0/Products/BastionLedger/BLOrderBook.py   Products.BastionLedger(Download)
    def orderValues(self,entered_by=[], orderdate=[], status=[], **kw):
        returns a list of BLOrder objects meeting the criteria
        orders = self.objectValues(('BLOrder', 'BLCashOrder'))
	        # maybe it's our old Currency class ...
		self.creditlimit = ZCurrency(self.base_currency, 0)
        map( lambda x: x._repair(), self.objectValues('BLOrder') )
        # hmmm - we seem to have some old shite lying around ...

src/p/r/Products.BastionLedger-4.6.0/Products/BastionLedger/BLPayroll.py   Products.BastionLedger(Download)
    def entryTemplateValues(self):
        return self.objectValues('BLEntryTemplate')
    def _repair(self):
        if not getattr(aq_base(self), 'basis', None):
            self.basis = 'Hour'
        for payslip in self.objectValues('BLPaySlip'):

src/p/r/Products.BastionLedger-4.6.0/Products/BastionLedger/BLShareholderLedger.py   Products.BastionLedger(Download)
        if definition:
            return filter(lambda x: x.issue_date <= effective and x.definition==definition,
            return filter(lambda x: x.issue_date <= effective, self.objectValues('BLAllocation'))