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difference(o1, o2) -- compute the difference between o1 and o2

src/h/u/hurry.query-1.1.1/src/hurry/query/query.py   hurry.query(Download)
$Id: query.py 114320 2010-07-08 08:26:20Z janwijbrand $
from BTrees.IFBTree import weightedIntersection, union, difference, IFBTree
from zope.catalog.catalog import ResultSet
from zope.catalog.field import IFieldIndex
    def apply(self, context=None):
        return difference(self._all(), self.term.apply(context))
    def _all(self):
        # XXX may not work well/be efficient with extentcatalog
    def apply(self, context=None):
        index = self.getIndex(context)
        all = index.apply((None, None))
        r = index.apply((self.not_value, self.not_value))
        return difference(all, r)

src/z/3/z3c.indexer-0.6.1/src/z3c/indexer/performance.py   z3c.indexer(Download)
import zope.lifecycleevent
import zope.location.interfaces
from BTrees.IFBTree import difference, IFBTree
from zope.index.text.textindex import TextIndex as ZTextIndex
    for uid in intids:
        result.insert(uid, 0)
    return difference(result, found)

src/c/o/collective.notices-1.0/src/collective/notices/catalog.py   collective.notices(Download)
from datetime import datetime
from dateutil.tz import gettz
from BTrees.IFBTree import weightedIntersection, union, difference, IFSet

src/b/t/BTrees-4.0.8/BTrees/tests/test_IFBTree.py   BTrees(Download)
    def difference(self, *args):
        from BTrees.IFBTree import difference
        return difference(*args)
    def builders(self):